CRITERION is the new name for CUMULUS
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Criterion in Action

Criterion Sleeping Bags were previously known as Cumulus Sleeping Bags - hence the reference to Cumulus in all expeditions.

light as a cloud - on top of the World

This is where we've been !!

The World's highest mountains; the World's toughest climbs.

Criterion Down Sleeping Bags on Manaslu
Manaslu - 2001. Expedition led by Krzysztof Taraszewicz


Criterion Down Sleeping Bags on K2 - more pictures


Criterion Down Sleeping Bags on Shisha Pangma - more pictures

Shisha Pangma -

a) 1999. Expedition led by Waldemar Soroka

b) Winter 2003/04. Expedition led by Jan Szulc

c) Winter 2004/05. Expedition led by Jan Szulc
First ever winter conquest in January 2005 !

Criterion equipment has also been used in various, less extreme situations on expeditions in the Pamir, the Andes, Alps and Atlas mountains.

For more pictures from the K2 and Shisha Pangma winter expeditions click on the above links.


Trekking in extreme conditions.

Criterion Down Sleeping Bags along the Skeleton Coast - more pictures