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Criterion Ultralight Down Sleeping Bags

Ultralight down sleeping bags, which pack down to almost nothing

This is one of our lightweight ranges of down sleeping bags, offering excellent warmth to weight ratios and small pack sizes. Our Ultralight range is available in two models (200g down weight and 350g) and are ideal for fast and light backpacking, adventure racing and mountain marathons.





Criterion Ultralight Range Specifications

Criterion Ultralight 200 Criterion Ultralight 350
Construction: Top/Base: Boxwall/Boxwall Trapezoid/Boxwall
Down Quality/Type/Fill Power: White Goose/ 92:8/ 700 White Goose/ 92:8/ 700
Down Weight: (gms) 220 350
Fill Volume(1):(cm3) 5133 8167
Total Weight:(gms) 620 765
Overall Length:(cm) 217 217
Max. User Height:(cm) 185 (6′ 1″) 185 (6′ 1″)
Width Shoulders/foot:(cm) 75/50 75/50
Colours: Outer/Inner: black/electric blue black/crimson
Comfort Temperature Rating:(°C) +3 -3
Stuff Sack Size:(cm) 11 x 11 x 25 12 x 12 x 27
Model Comfort Temp.
Total Weight
Down Quality
Fill Power
Down Weight
Fill Volume
Baffle Construction
Max. User Height
/Foot (cm)
Pack Size
Ultralight 200
+3 620 white goose
220 5133 boxwall/boxwall 185/(6’1″) 75/50 black
/electric blue
Ultralight 350
-3 765 white goose
350 8167 trapezoid/boxwall 185/(6’1″) 75/50 black

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Down Quality/
Fill Power:
Down Weight:
Fill Volume(1):
Total Weight
Overall Length:
Max. User Height:
Width Shoulders/
Comfort Temperature
Stuff Sack Size:
Criterion Ultralight 200 Boxwall
White Goose
220 5133 620 217 185(6′ 1″) 75/50 black
/electric blue
+3 11 x 11 x 25
Criterion Ultralight 350 Trapezoid
White Goose
350 8167 765 217 185(6′ 1″) 75/50 black
-3 12 x 12 x 27
Table Footnote – Ultralight Range Fill Volume: is a measure of the total insulating power of a sleeping bag. It is a useful metric to be able to compare the different fill powers and fill volumes of down in a sleeping bag. As a rule of thumb the higher the fill volume the more insulation there is in the bag. However, fill volume is a guide and does not account for differential fills or baffle design, which also may affect temperature ratings.

Criterion Ultralight Range Features


Fast & Light, Race Ready

Designed to be fast and light and provide lots of insulation. Our Ultralight range is ideal for adventure races and mountain marathons. They are designed to be fast and light


700FP Ethical Goose Down

Fillled with RDS & Downpass certified 700 fill power ethically sourced polish white goose down with a down to feather ratio of 92:8.


Pertex Quantum 52 Shell

Pertex Quantum 52g/m² is the ideal shell the Criterion Prime range, offering a lighter weight branded rip-stop nylon fabric, which is ideal for use in mountainous terrains.

Other Criterion Traveller Features

  • Differential Fill and Cut – More down is placed in the top of the bag rather than the base. As your body heat rises extra down in the top of the bag ensures better insulation than if all the down was split equally. The down on the base of the bag traps some body heat and combined with a good sleeping mattress acts as a barrier, preventing heat being lost to the cooler ground. In our Traveller range of bags 60% of the down is in the top of the bag with 40% in the base.
  • Trapezium Footbox – Trapezium Boxfoot – A trapezium is a four side regular shape but unlike a rectangle it only has one pair of parallel sides rather than two. Our boxfoots are wider at the base and taper to be slightly narrower at the top of the bag. This helps to suit all feet types and sleeping styles.
  • Cowl hood – A spacious hood with one-hand-operated drawcord and plenty of room to turn you head.
  • Full length YKK zip – A two-way YKK zip runs the full length of the bag. This allows venting from both the head and foot of the bag. All of our bags have a Velcro neck retainer so the bag can be closed even with the zip open.
  • Full length insulated zip baffle– A down filled baffle runs the length of the zip in our Ultralight range.
  • Choice of zip sides – Our Ultralight range is available with zips on both the left and right hand sides. Left and right handed zip models can be zipped together if required. All of our sleeping bags (with the exception of the Expedition range) can be zipped together with bags of different ranges.
  • Inside pocket – A functional inside pocket allows the safe storage of valuables such as a wallet or phone.
  • Hanging loops – Two hanging loops are fitted to the boxfoot of the bag which allows storage on a coat hanger or airing on a washing line.
  • Stuff Sack and Mesh Storage Sack Included – All of our sleeping bags are supplied with a size-related stuff sack for use outdoors and a breathable, mesh storage bag for use at home if needed. We also offer a range of optional roll top dry bags for use as stuff sacks.

Find out about our sleeping bag design theory and features in the Criterion Design Library.