Clearance Down Sleeping Bags

At Criterion we do not normally sell our sell sleeping bags directly. However, from time to time we have clearance sleeping bags which cannot be sold as new such as those, used by a tester or ones with a slight cosmetic error.

All of the bags sold on this page are deemed to be slight seconds. Whether they have been used by a tester for review or have been deemed to be so during our strict quality control monitoring.

The bags are available at discounted prices and full explanation of any defects/repairs etc. is given.

Ultralight 350 LHZ

RRP £270.00:

Discounted Price: £230.00

A slight stitching error on the internal footbox allowed a small gap in the stiching. This has been repaired (see product pages images) and no down was lost from the bag.

The repair is virtually invisible and can only be seen due to a slight variation in the colour of the thread.

Quantum 350 LHZ

RRP: £370.00

Discounted Price: £330.00

This LHZ clearance sleeping bag was used once, with a liner, the customer who bought it from our retailer decided that they had made a mistake and changed to a Quantum 450 (-10°C) which better suited their needs.

Quantum 450 LHZ

RRP £420.00:

Discounted Price: £375.00

This sleeping bag was used by one of our retailers over one weekend to perform an outdoor gear review.

The bag has been professionally cleaned and is as good as new