Criterion Sleeping Bags used on Skeleton Coast Expedition

Skeleton Coast Expedition led by Jason De Carteret – November 2009

In October 2009 world renowned explorer Jason De Carteret led a team of explorers on a 300 mile unsupported trek along the Skeleton Coast of Namibia – one of the world\’s oldest and most inhospitable coastlines.

The Skeleton Coast has claimed many lives. It is reputed to be the driest, hardest desert in the world. 1,000 foot sand dunes roll straight into the ocean. 300 miles and not a drop of drinking water. It had never been walked before.

Ultralight Quantum Bags the ideal choice for Desert Adventure

The team carried all their own equipment (roughly 90lbs) including de-salination pumps to filter sea water to drink. Jason chose to take the Quantum 350 sleeping bags for everyone due to their lightweight nature – 12 sleeping bags in all – as weight was really the main issue on this expedition and we were told we \’are the absolute leaders in this field\’ (direct quote from one of the organisers !).

After the success of the expedition Jason De Carteret contacted us in connection with his expedition to drive to the South Pole remarking, about the Quantum 350, as \’brilliant kit !\’. For the South Pole expedition three Expedition 1100 down sleeping bags were purchased from one of our stockists, including an XL (extra long) model, made specially for one of the expedition members.