Sleeping Bag Colours Revamped in 2018

From August 2018 we will be implementing a number of changes to our down sleeping bag colours. These changes will affect our Prime, Traveller and Lady ranges. As the new colours come into stock we will be updating product imagery and informing our retailers.

Listening to Feedback

These changes have been implemented after feedback from our retailers and our customers, we take all feedback seriously and welcome any suggestions in order to improve our products or the service we provide. To leave a question or comment about Criterion please use our contact us from, to leave a review for a Criterion product please use our review form. We try to answer all comments and questions within the same working day, however over weekends and holidays this is not possible and your reply will be ASAP.

Lady Range Colour Changes

Our Lady range consists of three sleeping bags and will see the most obvious colour change with all of the model’s outer shell colours changing from graphite grey to red, with the black inner remaining the same.

Sleeping Bag Colours - Criterion Product Development | 2018 Criterion Sleeping Bag Colour Changes
Criterion Lady range goes from grey to red in colour update


Prime and Traveller Ranges Colour Changes

The Prime and Traveller ranges will see no changes to the outer colour, but in all six bags within theses ranges the inner shells will change from black to red.

Criterion Sleeping Bag Colour Changes 2018


Bag Old Colour New Colour
Inner Outer Inner Outer
Prime 400 Black Blue Red Blue
Prime 550 Black Red Red Red
Prime 700 Black Graphite Red Graphite
Traveller 500 Black Blue Red Blue
Traveller 650 Black Red Red Red
Traveller 750 Black Graphite Red Graphite
Lady 350 Black Graphite Black Red
Lady 500 Black Graphite Black Red
Lady 650 Black Graphite Black Red