Pertex Changes Fabric Names

Fabric brand Pertex re-branded its fabric range in January 2018 where their fabrics underwent name changes although fabric specifications remained the same.

Criterion traditionally used three Pertex fabrics and two of these had their names changed, 

Microlight became Quantum 
Endurance became Quantum Pro
However, Quantum remained as Quantum

These changes were sold by Pertex as a simplification, however, we beleive that these changes may be problematic, especially when referring to two very different fabrics in Microlight and Quantum as Quantum.

We have noticed that some manufactures have changed product information and are listing Microlight fabric as Quantum without any additional information. We feel that on a number of different levels this is wrong and will lead to people questioning why products have very different prices yet have the same fabric.

At this moment we will still be providing our bags using the old fabric names and will phase in the new fabric names through 2018. This will be of benefit by reducing any potential confusion about our products and we will also be able to gauge public opinion as to the best way in which to differentiate between the various fabrics.   

Currently we feel the best way to present Criterion products will be to provide information about the weight of the fabric after the fabric name and if possible the previous name of the fabric, so as to not miss inform. 

For example
Pertex Quantum 52g/m² (formerly Pertex Microlight) 
Pertex Quantum 35g/m²
Pertex Quantum Pro  52g/m² (formerly Pertex Endurance) 

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Pertex Fabrics Used By Criterion

Pertex Quantum 52g/m² Logo
Pertex Quantum 35g/m² Logo
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