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Our product search tool allows you to look through the products on our website quickly and easily using filters to narrow down your search to the products you are specifically looking for. We have tried to keep things as simple as possible, and rather than complicating things with a million pointless options, we use what we think are the four popular factors in research. Combining them together will allow you to find the ideal product for your outdoor adventures.

  • This slider allows you to search by the RRP of our products. You can move the slider from both directions allowing you to look for a specific price range.

  • Comfort temperature is what we suggest based on tests and experience (link opens in another page) as the optimum temperature an average person would want to use one of our down sleeping bags and quilts at. Our accessories and clothing do not have comfort temperatures so are not applicable to this search.

  • Criterion specialises in providing the lightest down products with very high warmth to weight ratios. All our products are light for their comfort temperature and activity but our weight slider allows you to search for the product best suited to what you want to your requirements.

  • Our products are designed to excel in the outdoors, but they are designed with specific activities (link opens in new tab) in mind that take into account weight, pack size, comfort temperatures and features. Searching by category allows you to see the down sleeping bags that we feel will best suit your needs. We love our Expedition 1100 (-40°C, 1765g) sleeping bag but would not consider suggesting that you do a Mountain Marathon with it! By the same token, our ultralight bags such as our Quantum 350 (-6°C,695g) are brilliant but you would not want to use them climbing Everest! Our Category filter helps to see which bags are suited to a specific task.

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