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Our sleeping bags and clothing reviews section details industry reviews on our products, we firmly believe in the quality of our sleeping bags and clothing and provide you with totally independent reviews as well as where possible external links to them. We do not pay for reviews or advertorials, nor do we give testers free products. Some of the external links on this page refer to our sleeping bags under our old brand name of Cumulus.

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2024 Criterion Reviews

Quantum 200 Down Sleeping Bag (Spine Race January 2024)

At around 500g I was slightly concerned that something so small and light could be warm enough to keep out the chill of the cold and damp January night. But to my surprise, it did just that!

As I shuffled down into the bag I could instantly feel it trapping the heat from my body. I pulled up the zip that snuggly encased my body like Tutankhamen in his sarcophagus and wriggled around to get comfortable. For something so light I was amazed at how quickly I warmed up. In fact it was so warm, I had to unzip it and take off my T-shirt to stop me from sweating.

Full Review from Run Ultra (Opens in a new window)
Sam Hill – Run Ultra Gear Review February 2024

2022 Criterion Reviews

Criterion Quantum 450


I used this bag on a winter backpacking trip where I slept on snow and the temperature dropped to zero inside my two-skin tent, which probably means it was slightly below zero outside. I slept on a Thermarest Xtherm mat which is one of the warmest available and wore bed socks and a long sleeved baselayer. I usually sleep cold, i.e. if its minus 5 out I need a sleeping bag with a comfort limit of minus 10 to be sure of keeping warm.

As previously mentioned the temperature fell to zero and I was very warm, I could easily imagine the temperature dropping another five degrees and still being warm, perhaps even further. My view is that the rating of this bag is spot on.


Criterion clearly make excellent bags, of which this is a good example, they use high quality ethically sourced down and the highest quality materials, and they use appropriate construction techniques. The result in this case is a bag with one of the best warmth to weight ratios available – they achieve this by using a performance sizing model and intelligent weight saving design.

Full Review from Ultralight Outdoor Gear (opens in a new window)

Ultralight Outdoor Gear 10th May 2022

2020 Criterion Reviews

Criterion Quantum 200

The weight of this package is a very respectable 530g and it will happily pack down to size of 11cm x 11cm x 25cm should you be inclined to use the included stuff-sack or around 2.5 litres and the stated comfort rating is 0c. Now, ratings are always a heavily debated topic and something else we can’t always agree on. There’s so many factors at play that any figure will always be a guide and not definitive. However, as someone who sleeps reasonably cold, my initial trials would indicate that zero is quite realistic. Obviously, a rating of 0c, doesn’t place the Quantum into what people might consider the 4 season category but it comes tantalisingly close and we know that the addition of some suitable clothing could tip the scales and allow year round use
Full Review from Bear Bones Bikepacking (opens in a new window)

Bear Bones Bikebacking 13th March 2020

Criterion Activity Hydro Jacket

“It’s hardly a name that rolls off the tongue, but Criterion’s newest down jacket does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s an ultralight jacket that is exceptionally warm for its size and it makes use of hydrophobic down to provide warmth. This is a marked improvement on last year’s model, which proved vulnerable during the rainy days we all to often find ourselves encountering on the British Isles.

Despite feeling substantial and cosy while worn, the jacket fits easily into the included stuff sack and weighs 325g (size L). This makes it perfect for trips away: just throw it into your bag and pull it out when you need to keep warm in between climbs, while belaying, at the campsite in the evening or while stopping for lunch on a hike.

It’s not just warm and comfortable too wear though, Criterion has also ensured it’s practical while out and about. Tabs on the zippers allow easy use while gloved up, the handwarmer pockets are large, and the oversized hood should take a helmet, although you may want to size up to ensure it fits, especially as the jacket has a rather snug fit overall.

Criterion has clearly put plenty of thought into making this jacket as comfortable as possible, but also warm enough for winter adventures.”

Adventure Travel Magazine Jan/Feb 2020

Criterion Quantum 350

it weighs in at a very respectable 695g with a packsize of just a little smaller than a football. Not bad at all. The outer of the sleeping bag is made using Pertex Quantum, a lightweight shell fabric that’s constructed from fine yarns that trap air and help improve insulating efficiency. It’s supremely soft and has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. Inside that, you’ll find 350g of 870 FP ethically sourced Polish Goose down, which is contained by trapezoid baffles to help prevent cold spots. The full-length, two-way zip (which offers zip-together compatibility) is backed for its length by a substantial baffle, ensuring no cold spots from there, and its anti-snag feature works very well.”

  • Weight & Pack Size: 9
  • Warmth: 7
  • Features: 7
  • Value for Money: 8
  • Overall: 8

Adventure Travel Magazine Gear Test – Jan/Feb 2020 (Full Article)

2019 Criterion Reviews

Criterion Ultralight 350

“This is a well-priced bag when you consider it is slightly warmer than some other bags here (it has a -3°C temperature rating) and comes with a very good weight and small packed size. It’s made with 700 fill power down and a Pertex nylon shell with a water-repellent treatment like other quality bags. Importantly you also have trapezoidal construction to keep cold spots at bay along the seams. The zip is full-length, so you can vent the foot area in warmer weather. Get inside and it fits very close, with a hood that can be drawn in further with a drawcord. Overall it feels great for lightweight backpacking.”
Trail Magazine “5 of the Best Summer Sleeping Bags” – August 2019 – 76%.

Criterion Ultralight 350

“The Criterion Ultralight 350 is handsdown the most packable sleeping bag in this test, taking up as much room as a small loaf of bread might. This is fantastic for those looking to reduce the size and weight of their packs (it’s the lightest sleeping bag too, at just 800g”
Adventure Travel  3 Season Sleeping Bags Test – Jan/Feb – 8/10.

2018 Criterion Reviews

Criterion Activity Down Jacket

“This very light jacket looks the part. With a high 850 fill power of top-quality Polish goose down and sehll of Pertex Quantum, this jacket may be unflashy but it definitely delivers the goods for demanding users who like to travel light.”
Trail Magazine Approved Gear Guide 2018 (Full Article).

Criterion Activity Down Jacket

“Exceptional weight and performance for this price and ideal for stowing in a pack and throwing on for short breaks.”
Trail Magazine Updated Review 2018, 76% (Full Review).

Criterion Quantum 200 Down Sleeping Bag

“…you want low weight and a small pack size? To save weight, Criterion uses 870 fill power down insulation that is housed in a super-thin Pertex Quantum ripstop nylon shell. The result is a bag weighing just 559g that packs down to an incredible 15x16cm while keeping you warm to 0°C.”

Trail Magazine August 2018 – ‘Choose the right Summer Sleeping Bags’

Criterion Prime 700 Down Sleeping Bag

“With a comfort temperature of minus 18°C, you can camp out in Criterion’s 4-season Prime 700 all year round. The mummy cut bag has a full-length zip and insulated neck baffle, plus it has good length…..if you’re winter backpacking the 870 fill power down keeps you impressively warm.”

Trail Magazine 2018 Gear Guide (Full Article).

2017 Criterion Reviews

Criterion Activity Down Jacket

“The price is exceptional for what you get, as this is an 850 fill power down with Pertex Quantum shell, which makes it very lightweight. Hood fit is superb. Feels very comfortable. Can easily store it in a rucksack. Great for most hillwalkers.”

Rated 4/5 [Beaten by only one out of 8 others, which costs almost twice the price.]

Trail Magazine Approved 2017 and “Best for your Budget under £200”
Trail Magazine Approved Gear Guide 2017

Criterion Activity Down Jacket

“..mixes decent warmth with light weight and impressive packability. Pleasant, soft, silky, lofty feel…adjustable hood takes a helmet but adjusts down to move with a bare head. Baffles are ‘midi’ allowing more loft plus reduced number of seam lines and cold spots. Great warmth-to-weight ratio. Around 2/3s the size of a comparable synthetic-filled jacket and appreciably warmer.”
Jon Doran Outdoors Magic 2017

Criterion Activity Down Jacket

“..especially good choice for backpacking due to the low weight and [low] packed bulk. Packed size is tiny. The jacket is lovely to wear, being very soft and flexible. It’s very warm for the weight too. I’ve warn it standing around on windy days with sub-zero temperatures and stayed comfortable.” (Full Review)
Chris Townsend TGO 2017

Criterion Quantum 200 Down Sleeping Bag

“It is the weight of just 558g and the packed size of 13x20cm that instantly set this bag apart….the packed size, weight and price make it excellent value for money for lightweight backpacking.”
Positives: price;extremely lightweight; packed size; full length side-zip. Negatives: not as warm as the heavier bags; no shoulder baffle.

Trail Magazine Outdoors Gear Guide 2017 – ‘Summer Sleeping Bags’

Criterion Traveller 500 Down Sleeping Bag

“A functional sleeping bag that does what it says on the tin…very impressive loft.. extremely comfortable..a very respectable of the most packable too.” Scored 8/10 [Only 1 higher at 9/10]

Adventure Travel – Jan/Feb 2017, “The Ultimate 2017 Bucket List” –Sleeping Bags Review
Further Adventure Travel internet review – “The Best Down Sleeping Bags of 2017”

Criterion Expedition 900 Down Sleeping Bag

“this newly designed bag is for hard-core adventure, and can take temperatures down to -30°C”
Trail Gear Guide 2017, “Need Something Specific” – Full Article

Criterion Lady 500 Down Sleeping Bag

“this 3 season, female specific down sleeping bag… weighs 1100g, has a temperature rating of -7°C, a pack size of 15 x 30cm and a bag size of 207 x 80cm”
Trail Gear Guide 2017, “Need Something Specific” – Full Article

2016 Criterion Reviews

Criterion Quantum 200 Down Sleeping Bag

“ extremely lightweight and compact product … great for summer. The price, packed size and weight make this bag ideal and far better value than most for lightweight, summer backpacking. The full length side zip … is unique among bags [tested] here, which is ideal on warm nights to cool the feet. This is a major benefit.”

Live for the Outdoors August 2016 – (Full Review)

Criterion Ultralight 350 Down Sleeping Bag

“Frequent backpackers will love this bag due to its weight but you may need to compromise on the temperature rating [-3°C]”.
Positives: superb weight, packed size; the construction limits cold spots; temperature rating, price. Negatives: not as warm as other bags [this review].

Trail, June 2016 – ‘Best For Your Budget. 3 season sleeping bags’

2015 Criterion Reviews

Criterion Quantum 350 Down Sleeping Bag

“..the perfect bikepacking sleeping bag. A warm bag that packs down small and doesn’t cost the earth. For those who like to travel light without having to compromise on warmth. In terms of construction no corners have been cut. …with what I would consider the essential features of a good sleeping bag. I can vouch for the warmth and comfort of the bag … and the bag has worked as claimed.” – March 2015, Web Review, after 8 months testing (Full Review)

2014 Criterion Reviews

Criterion Quantum 350 Down Sleeping Bag

“.. it’s so good I feel like I need to shout about it…a perfect choice for wild camping in the British hills for everything short of a deep winter freeze. Despite this it weighs a remarkable 695g and compresses into a minimal stuff sack… it has spent the past 12 months accompanying me on every camping trip – no other bag has got a look in. A windy, barely above freezing night at nearly 900m passed by quickly and warmly thanks to this bag.”

‘Trail Magazine Gear Blog’- March 2014, Dan Aspel, Features Editor

2013 Criterion Reviews

Criterion Quantum 350 Down Sleeping Bag

“..a phenomenally light bag.. offers the heat retention of a product three times its weight..provided an enviable level of comfort .. packed down.. absurdly small..super easy to transport.”

Trail Magazine, October 2013 – ‘Used & Abused’

Criterion Ultralight 350 Down Sleeping Bag

“My Ultralight 350 and I have been friends now for 2 years… During the last couple of years I have used the bag in a variety of environments and at various temperature ranges from 20C down to approximately -6C. The bag lofts well and it has performed excellently”

Adventures in a Strange World (Independent Gear Blog) – Ultralight 350 Review May 2013

Criterion Prime 700 Down Sleeping Bag

“..offers an extremely impressive weight rating of 1210g and an equally attractive lower comfort rating of -18 deg C ..a staggeringly light piece of hasn’t sacrificed noticeable levels of comfort or performance.. the best lightweight down sleeping bag in our test.”

Trail Magazine, March 2013 – ‘Gear Review’ and ‘Buyers Guide’ (Full Review)

2012 Criterion Reviews

Criterion Ultralight 350 Down Sleeping Bag

“A very well-priced and warm sleeping bag…will suit fast and light users..”

Trail Magazine, June 2012 – ‘Sleeping Bags’ (Full Review)

2011 Criterion Reviews

Criterion Quantum 450 Down Sleeping Bag

“..super light.. feels great.. for year round use..worth serious consideration.”

Outdoor Enthusiast, March 2011 – ‘in the bag’

2009 Criterion Reviews

Criterion Prime 550 Down Sleeping Bag

“.. very comfortable, warm, well made…suitable for winter wild camping. Long term test…very satisfied. Good value for money. Rating 95%.”

Trailtesters, Jun 2009 – ‘Trailtesters Video Review’

2007 Criterion Reviews

Criterion Quantum 200 Down Sleeping Bag

Reviewer’s first choice in the ‘Lightweight Junkie’ section.

Trail Magazine, August 2007 – ‘Wild Nights’

Criterion Quantum 200 Down Sleeping Bag

“Packs down amazingly small. Perfect for fast and light summer crossing of The Lakes or for regular adventure racers.”

Trail Magazine, June 2007 – ‘Matt’s Lightweight Kit’

Criterion Traveller 650 Down Sleeping Bag

“Incredible warmth for this weight and price.” Rating: 4 stars out of 5.

Adventure Travel, May/June 2007 – Gear Guide

Criterion Quantum 350 Down Sleeping Bag

“Pricey, but warm, compact, and stupidly light. Top product.” – Rating: 5 stars out of 5.

Adventure Travel, May/June 2007 – Gear Guide

2006 Criterion Reviews

Traveller 500 Down Sleeping Bag

“Practical and realistic for Britain. This bag gives me the best night’s sleep.” – Editor’s choice for 3-season sleeping bag
Trail Magazine, August 2006 – ‘Used & Abused’ (main featured item – sleeping bag used/tested for two years)