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Season Ratings for Sleeping Bags

Find Your Sleeping Bag Based On Season Rating

Our Season Ratings are an informal guide to help you understand the conditions which we have designed our sleeping bags for. These can be used in conjunction with our temperature ratings or as a stand alone. Season rating splits the year/conditions into seasons. Some manufacturers use four seasons, at Criterion we use five seasons. We do this because we make sleeping bags for extreme cold temperatures and it allows us to classify them. Each season has a scale of temperatures/conditions, they are as follows:

  • 1 Season – Ideal for warmer summer nights where temperatures above +5°C
  • 2 Season – Bags designed for cooler nights in the summer or spring with a temperature range of 0 to +5°C
  • 3 Season – Designed for colder nights without frost (0 to -5°C). Many people use a three season sleeping bag as an all-rounder for year round use.
  • 4 Season – When the temperature drops to around -10°C with light snow a four season bag is ideal.
  • 5 Season (may also be called 4 Season Mountain) – Expedition quality sleeping bags for sleeping in snow and at temperatures from -10 down to -40°C

Why Have A Season Rating When We Offer Comfort Temperatures?

We offer a season rating as we have found that people can equate to the guide more easily than a specific comfort temperature. Comfort temperatures can also be a little confusing as brands can use different tests and even the same scientific tests can produce different results when done in different laboratories.

At Criterion we have always used BS 4745 and ISO 5087-1, which allows us to give a single comfort temperature for the “average” person using the bag. (For a full breakdown of how Criterion conducts its lab test please go to “Criterion Sleeping Bag Temperature Ratings“)

However, Season Ratings and Comfort Temperatures are only guides. How warm you will feel in your sleeping bag depends upon many factors, some beyond the manufacturer’s control, for example, how tired you are, what food you have consumed before rest, the activities you have undertaken and the sleeping mat you are using.

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