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Technology at Criterion

Read about sleeping bag technology and find out about the all the features of Criterion Down Sleeping Bags!

This page is the hub of our technology section. With links to the different pages on the website which contain information about the different factors which affect the design, features and usage of Criterion Down Sleeping Bags and clothing.

Summarised Technical Features

Our section of summarised technical features is an at a glance overview of all of the product information in our ranging from colours, baffles and sizes.

Construction and Design

Manufacturing down clothing and sleeping bags is a complicated process. Different methods of design and construction are dependent upon a number of factors such as weight, pack-size, proposed outdoor activity and cost. As such our designs can be broken into three areas;

1.Baffle Construction

Baffles are an important part of down clothing and down sleeping bag design. These chambers house the down which helps to insulate the body. Different types of baffle design work best for different products and activities. Find out more select the button below.

2.Zip and Neck Collars

Heat is lost through the zip and neck area of a sleeping bag. Zip baffles and neck collars help to stop this. However different activities required differing designs. To find out more select the button below.

3.Bag Shapes & Dimensions

The activity and user a sleeping bag is designed for impacts upon the shape and dimensions. Too much dead space inside the bag reduces the effectiveness of the insulation. To find out more information select the button below.

Sleeping Bag Temperature Ratings

For each of our sleeping bags we provide a suggested comfort temperature for the average person, this is a guide based on scientific testing and user experiences. This section of our site details how we set out temperature guides and the test standards we use.

The Science of Down

Criterion only uses Polish goose down in our sleeping bags and garments, this is because we believe it is the best available. Down is an excellent insulator and this section of our website, accessed by the button below, explains why this is the case. As well as explaining some of the terminology used to differentiate down and its quality. Follow this link for information about our ethical down policy.

Pertex! Our Fabric of Choice

We only use Pertex fabrics in our products. Originally we were supporting a small local Manchester based company who produced the ideal fabrics for outdoor clothing and equipment. Now we are supporting a worldwide industry giant.

Sleeping Bag Features

We strive to make out sleeping bags as light as possible, but this doesn’t mean skimp on user features. All of our down bags have features which aid your comfort but nothing which is not needed.

Criterion Down Care Guide

Find out how to look after the down in your Criterion product.

Stuff Sack and Storage Sack Design

Find out about the different sizes and design of our stuff sacks and mesh storage bags