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Down Sleeping Bags


Down Sleeping Bags

The BEST Polish GOOSE DOWN with … the BEST Japanese PERTEX fabric

Criterion sleeping bags – light as a cloud
very light ……. very warm

Sleeping Bag Construction – Design Features

Sleeping Bag Construction – Design Features

  1. Hood

  2. Neck Baffle

  3. One handed closing drawcord / toggles

  4. Zip and zip baffles

  5. Velcro closures/flaps

  6. Box foot

  7. Hanging loops

  8. Inside pocket

1. Hood

All Criterion sleeping bags feature down-filled tailored cowl hoods which are comfortable and warm. The drawcord requires just a one-handed pull to draw it snugly about your head. In both the Ultralight and Quantum ranges the hood’s drawcord is elasticated.

In 2010 we modified the hood design in part of our range to make it fit more snugly. This improvement affects our large sleeping bags: Criterion Traveller, Criterion Prime and Criterion Lady.

In 2017 we changed the design of the hood in the Criterion EXPEDITION sleeping bags to improve heat retention around the head in extreme conditions.

Criterion Expedition 1100 -40°C, 1170g (Hood Close Up) | Down Sleeping Bag

2. Neck Baffle

The down-filled neck baffle is an insulated collar which is designed to prevent cold draughts. It is featured on all Criterion Prime, Criterion Lady, Criterion Expedition and Criterion Traveller sleeping bags. It is drawn snugly around you by a one-handed pull on its drawcord. The drawcord is elasticated to allow for “give” when you are turning over in your sleep.

In addition to having a drawcord closure, the neck baffle is also fastened by a velcro strip. When not in use (for example during warm nights) the “hooked” part of the velcro strip can be folded back and held in a closed, hidden position by the use of a cleverly positioned secondary velcro strip, which prevents hair, clothing, fluff, dirt and other unwanted “bits” from catching in the hooks.

The Criterion Quantum models incorporate a ‘neck warmer’, which is a simplified type of neck baffle to save weight, which has neither drawcord nor velcro fastener.

3. One Handed Closing Drawcord/Toggles

The drawcord toggle systems allow for one-handed closing of the hood cowl and neck baffle. This also applies to the drawcord on the stuff sack. The drawcords on the hood and neck baffle are different to make it easier to identify them by touch when in use on a dark night. The toggles are metal-sprung for durability.

Criteiron Down Sleeping Bags hood draw cord and toggle

4. Zip and Zip Baffles

Criterion sleeping bags use the best, YKK zips.

Zips are full length and are available on either side of the sleeping bag – left or right. Any two sleeping bags, regardless of model, can be zipped together to make a “double”. This ability includes being able to join a Criterion Lady sleeping bag to one of the longer models.

Zips are of the two-way type, which means that they can be unzipped from the top (as standard), and also from the bottom, which allows the box foot to be ventilated in warmer conditions. In addition the zips have self-locking sliders to prevent accidental opening.

Since zips create cold spots, each is protected by a “zip baffle”, which is a tube containing down insulation that backs the zip along its full length and ensures you stay warm inside. The Criterion EXPEDITION sleeping bags have TWIN zip baffles for extra protection in extreme weather conditions. To help prevent the zip from “catching” and damaging the sleeping bag an “anti-snagging” feature has been incorporated.

All Criterion sleeping bags, INCLUDING our lightweight Ultralight and Quantum models, have full length zips.

5. Velcro closures/Flaps

In addition to the Velcro for the neck baffle mentioned in point 2. above, all Criterion sleeping bags also have a velcro closure/flap for the sleeping bag itself. This allows you to close the bag without having to zip it all the way up to the top. This is a really useful facility if you get too warm and want to provide extra ventilation without opening up the whole of the sleeping bag at the top.

In 2010 we modified the shape of this flap to give it a more stylish, curved appearance.

As with the neck baffle, this velcro fastener has a secondary strip to prevent unwanted “bits” catching in the hooks.

Down Sleeping Bags - Criterion Quantum 200 - Total Weight 530 gms; Temperature 0 °C
6. Box foot

The Box Foot creates a “mummy” shape, which gives plenty of room for your feet. This is especially useful when the sleeping bag is used whilst you are in “full gear” on a freezing night at high altitude.

The overall shape of the Criterion Box Foot is that of a trapezium, with the bottom wider than the top. It is designed to conform to the position of your feet when you are lying on your side, with both sets of toes pointing in more or less the same direction.

The Criterion Lady sleeping bags incorporate a Polar Fleece insert within the Box Foot, for additional warmth and comfort.

Criterion sleeping bags are longer than some competitors’ standard sleeping bags. This means that sleeping on your front with your toes pointing downwards presents no difficulty.

Criterion Down Sleeping Bags Trapeziod Foot
7. Hanging Loops

Down sleeping bags need to be fully dried out after use for which hanging is the ideal treatment. Strong hanging loops are stitched in at the foot.

8. Inside Pocket

For extra comfort and convenience each model has an easy-to-use internal pocket.