THIS1 Energy Bar at the Outdoor Trade Show 2019This1 Needs Energy

The 2019 UK Outdoor Trade Show was notable for a number of reasons, not only was Criterion making its debut at the event spreading the word on our fantastic products. But, in the next stand to us was ‘This1’ a brand new business to the UK market which manufactures energy bars with a twist!

As well as tasting really nice, ‘This1’ energy bars stay crisp and completely chewable even at extreme temperatures such as at -40°C. To give an idea of how cold this is our Expedition 1100, designed for the most extreme cold weather on Earth,  is rated for -40°C and this has 1100g of the best Polish 870FP down.

-40°C is a pretty bold statement from This1, and it’s pretty difficult to replicate death zone temperatures at a trade show in Manchester. However, with the aid of a freezer working overtime and thermometer This1 were able to recreate the -25°C of Everest base camp on a cold day and I can honestly say that I believe them.

Eating is Believing

The tentative look on people’s faces was as they took their first bite of what they thought was a frozen “nut brick” was a picture. Especially seeing their eyebrows shoot up in surprise that not only they did not shatter their teeth, but the ‘This1’ bar was not only easily edible, but it also was in fact still really tasty was a constant delight during the show. One person who enjoyed the This1 bar test was Alan Hinkes OBE the first Briton to climb all fourteen of the world’s 8000m+ peaks. He was suitably surprised and delighted having experienced the loss of teeth when trying to bite food at extreme temperatures. However, the bars are not just for low temperatures, they stay crispy and tasty in extreme heat as well as providing 562 calories per 100g (a single bar is 40g).

Currently, ‘This1’ bars are only available online in the UK  (THIS1 Shop) but with the number of retailers and distributors who were interested, it can only be a matter of time before they are more widely available.  Currently, there are three flavours Nut, Nut with  Chocolate and Nut and Hemp Seeds all three are made with different combinations of nuts and taste fantastic at room temperature or straight from the freezer.

The free samples we and our fellow exhibitors kept tucking into certainly kept us going at the exhibition which ran from the 9th-11th July 2019 and showcased a lot of interesting developments for 2020.