We Have Re-Branded

We Have Re-Branded

During 2014 ‘Cumulus Sleeping Bags’ was re-branded with a new name –

‘CRITERION Sleeping bags’

The design, quality and features have not changed. Only the name has changed.

For each model name ‘Cumulus’ has become ‘Criterion’.

In addition, our Mysterious Traveller range is now be called ‘Criterion Traveller’.

Why Criterion ?

We have chosen the name ‘Criterion’ as that word signifies top quality and top performance :

‘the standard by which all others are judged’

We also have a new logo.

The logo has double significance. It represents a mountain, to indicate our mountaineering heritage.
The shape also points upwards as if ‘reaching for the sky’ which not only reinforces the mountaineering aspect but also confirms our seeking for perfection.